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01-02-11 What's In A Name? (The Circumcision and Name of Jesus Sunday) - St. Luke 2:21 Sermon Audio

01-09-11 Revelation, Consecration and Preparation (The Baptism of Our Lord) - Matthew 3:13-17 Sermon Audio

01-16-11 Lamb of God Pure and Holy (Second Sunday after Epiphany) John 1:29-42a Sermon Audio

01-23-11 Evangelism in the Shadow of Death (Third Sunday after Epiphany) Matthew 4-12-25 Sermon Audio

01-30-11 The Lord Called Saul and He Called You! (Conversion of St. Paul) Acts 9:1-22  Sermon Audio

01-30-11 Be Strong in the Grace that is in Christ Jesus! (Confirmation Service) 2 Timothy 2:1 Sermon Audio

02-06-11 The Requirements of the Law Still Stand! (5th Sunday after Epiphany) Matthew 5:17-22 Sermon Audio

02-13-11 Be Fixed on Life, Choose Not Death! (6th Sunday after Epiphany) Deuteronomy 30:15–20, 1 Corinthians 3:1-9, Matthew 5:21-37 Sermon Audio

02-20-11 A Foundation Built on the Rock (7th Sunday after Epiphany) 1 Corinthians 3:10-23  Sermon Audio

02-27-11 Do Not Be Anxious (8th Sunday after Epiphany) Matthew 6:24-34  Sermon Audio

03-06-11 Look to the Cross and See Only Jesus (Transfiguration) Matthew 17:1-9  Sermon Audio

03-13-11 Faith Alone! (Lent 1) Genesis 3:15 Sermon Audio

03-16-11 Father Forgive Them (LENT MIDWEEK #1) Audio Only  Sermon Audio

03-20-11 A Serpent On A Pole (Lent 2) John 3:14-20  Sermon Audio

03-23-11 A Word of Promise (LENT MIDWEEK #2) Audio Only Sermon Audio

03-27-11 Rejoicing in Suffering (Lent 3) Romans 5:1-8 Sermon Audio

03-30-11 Words of Tender Care (LENT MIDWEEK #3) Audio Only Sermon Audio

04-03-11 Here's Mud in Your Eyes (Lent 4) John 9:1-41 Sermon Audio

04-06-11 Words of Absolute Anguish (LENT MIDWEEK #4) Audio Only Sermon Audio

04-10-11 It's A Matter of Death and Life (Lent 5) John 11:17-53  Sermon Audio

04-13-11 Words of Need (LENT MIDWEEK #5) Audio Only Sermon Audio

04-17-11 The Passion of Our Lord (Passion Sunday) Mark 14 & 15 Sermon Audio

04-21-11 He Spoke a Word of Invitation (Maundy Thursday) Matthew 26:26-28; Luke 22:19,20 Audio Only  Sermon Audio

04-22-11 It Is Finished! (Good Friday) John 19:30 Audio Only Sermon Audio

04-24-11 Christ is Risen, Alleluia (Easter) Mark 16:1-8 Sermon Audio

05-15-11 The Good Shepherd (Good Shepherd Sunday) John 10:1-10  Sermon Audio

05-22-11 I AM! (5th Sunday of Easter) John 14:1-14   Sermon Audio

05-29-11 Another Helper (6th Sunday of Easter) John 14:15-21 Sermon Audio

06-05-11 Hear and Believe (Exaudi Sunday) Acts 1:12–26, 1 Peter 4:12–19; 5:6–11, John 17:1–11 Sermon Audio

06-12-11 We Believe in the Holy Spirit  (Feast of Pentecost) Acts 2:1-21 Sermon Audio

06-19-11 The Triune Elohim (Trinity Sunday) Genesis 1:1-2:4  Sermon Audio

06-26-11 Built on the Rock (St. Peter and St. Paul Sunday) Matthew 16:13-19 Sermon Audio

07-03-11 On Fire or Burned Out? (Third Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 11:25-30  Sermon Audio

07-10-11 No Chance of Failure (Fourth Sunday after Pentecost) Isaiah 55:10–13  Sermon Audio

07-17-11 Let the True God be Your God (Fifth Sunday after Pentecost) Isaiah 44:6-8  Sermon Audio

07-24-11 The Mission of the Church is Forgiveness (Sixth Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 13:44-52 Sermon Audio

07-31-11 FEED THEM! (Seventh Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew14:13-21 Sermon Audio

08-07-11 A Savior That Changest Not! (Eighth Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 14:22-33 Sermon Audio

08-14-11 Nothing But a Hound Dog (Ninth Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew15:21-28 Sermon Audio

08-28-11 Peter Didn't Get It! (Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 16:21-28 Sermon Audio

09-04-11 The Disciples Didn't Get It! (Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 17:1-20  Sermon Audio

09-11-11 Forgiven and Forgiving (Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 18:21-35  Sermon Audio

09-18-11 Unfair Grace (Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 20:1-16  Sermon Audio

09-25-11 To Thee All The Angels Cry Aloud (St. Michael and All Angels) Sermon Audio

10-02-11 Managers Not Owners! (16th Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 21:33-46 Sermon Audio

10-09-11 Invited to a Party! (17th Sunday after Pentecost) Isaiah 25:6-9 & Matthew 22:1-14 Sermon Audio

10-16-11 Render to Caesar and God What is Due! (18th Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 22:15-22 Sermon Audio

10-23-11 Overcoming Adversity and Becoming Steadfast (Festival of St. James) James 1:1-12 Sermon Audio

10-30-11 Solus Christus by Christ Alone! (Reformation Sunday) Romans 3:19-28  Sermon Audio

11-06-11 Blessed are Those Who Die in the Lord! (All Saints Sunday) Matthew 5:1-12, Revelation 9:9-17  Sermon Audio

11-13-11 NO FEAR! (22 Sunday after Pentecost) Matthew 25:14-30 Sermon Audio

11-20-11 WORD AND DEED (Last Sunday of the Church Year) Matthew 25:31-46 Sermon Audio

11-24-11 O Give Thanks! (Thanksgiving Ever Service) Deuteronomy 8:11-14, Philippians 4:6-20,   Luke 17:11-19 Current Sermon Audio

11-27-11 Come On Down, Bring Us Your Presence! (Advent 1) Isaiah 64:1-9  Current Sermon Audio

11-20-11 These are the Signs (Midweek Advent 1) Audio Only Current Sermon Audio

12-04-11 A Voice Crying In The Wilderness! (Advent 2) Mark 1:1-8  Current Sermon Audio

12-11-11 Bearing Witness of the Light (Advent 3) John 1:6-8, 19-28  Current Sermon Audio

12-18-11 The Salutation! (Advent 4) Luke 1:26-38  Current Sermon Audio

12-25-11 The Word Became Flesh (Christmas Day) John 1:1-14  Current Sermon Audio